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The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.

Friday, August 3, 2012

June; the month of visitors

As I was recovering from Dengue, a lot happened here. It seems June is THE month for interns and short-term groups to arrive. We had 14 people from 4 different places come in a span of only 2 ½ weeks! Here are some of my experiences during that time:
dinner with some interns and friends
Besides the interns, my Social Work professor from the States also came to visit his family for some special occasions. One of those was a wedding which I was honored to be able to attend! I especially loved learning about the cultural traditions they have for weddings here. There is a lot of symbolism used, as they pin a lace covering over the couple. It is laid over the bride’s head, showing her husband’s authority over her, and on the groom’s shoulder, showing his responsibility, and submission to God’s authority over him. Then a beaded chord is tied around them, representing their new unity.

Plus, I had a good time just visiting with my prof and seeing him in a completely different environment! Thanks Lloyd!

While we had a group of 9 from Michigan here, we ate unch together one day... Now, I had eaten the same meal before, but this time the tuna I ate was really spicy! As I was chewing, I thought, I can't believe it's so hot that it's hurting my mouth!, but, just like I was taught as a child (thanks mom!) I finished what was on my plate. After about 20 minutes, my face was hot and my head was pounding. Come to find out, it was a reaction to bad tuna (which the nationals called "itchy tuna") and few others had the same reaction. Still, it was nothing a little benedryl and rest couldn't handle.
much of my body turned bright red from the reaction to the tuna!

The last week of June brought some good friends and some welcome down time at the beach. I loved having Paul and Annalise here and showing them around! We did a lot while they were here, including visiting our farm, and attending my English class. Paul and Annalise even sang some special songs at our campus social event! I miss them both already, and I know our students do too!

having fun while hiking at the farm!

Here are some more fun pics from that time period:

washing dishes after lunch

some beautiful scenery.. tipalia farms

Annalise and I feeding the baby goat, born the day we visited!

just a ride in a tricycle..


special music

this little girl was chasing a chicken! so cute.

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